Herbert Sweet

Herbert Sweet

Sunday, September 13, 2009

'Whistle Stop ' in Hyde Park

Some would like to open the Hyde Park train station for weekend tourists. The catch word is 'Whistle Stop'.

I'm a big Charlie Rose fan; I learn more watching interviews there than from any other news source.

A couple of nights ago he was interviewing the chairman of Sprint who told him that the cell phone industry was about to join the small circle of trillion dollar industries. There are now four of them. They are: food, auto, military and tourism. Who'd have thunk that the world wide budget for tourism was right up there with those big players.

Retail and manufacturing, the industries that everybody wants here, aren't even on that list and, for many, tourism is written off. I suspect that is because tourism may be perceived as ethereal and low paying. It may also be that historical tourism has little meaning to those whose focus is more earthy. Whatever. What it has to mean to us is that there is a bigger opportunity for Hyde Park than we may have realized.