Herbert Sweet

Herbert Sweet

Friday, March 19, 2010


The most important subject that anyone can undertake to understand is what we loosely call ‘religion’. Academics have approached it historically, theologically, culturally, mythologically, psychologically and even logically. Yet the general public resists the knowledge developed and, instead, offers often heard sentiments such as the following: “You have to believe because science can’t disprove…” “Everybody has his own reality.” “There must be a heaven because everybody believes that there is one.” “ I know that God is real because I can feel his presence.”

We know from the historical record that virtually every culture, throughout the entirety of recorded history, has had a belief in God or gods and a belief in some kind of an afterlife. And, from what evidence that archeologists have pieced together, some rudimentary forms of thee beliefs likely go back even further.

We also know that there is no empirical evidence to support these notions and entire belief systems have been based on what a court of law would call ‘hearsay’.

I would suggest that of all of the approaches to understanding religion, the most insight can be developed from the psychological and logical approaches and I will present my observations through these vectors in upcoming blogs.

Until then, the followers of this blog may give some thought to why every society throughout time has believed in gods and a hereafter. What drives everyone to accept these beliefs? What is the comment element?

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